Gas equipment installation
Electronic boards assembly
Wire production
Electronics Development

UAB „Tamona“ offers car gas installation services:

  • since year 2000, we design and manufacture electronic devices for car gas equipment. During that time we have gained extensive experience as well as in the installation of gas equipment;
  • we are offering service of an experienced specialists and advice of skilled engineers.

UAB “Tamona” offers electronic circuit board assembly services:

  • surface mounting elements (SMT) automatic assembly line;
  • manual soldering;
  • cable preparation;
  • the wires to the sensors, pouring compounds;

UAB „Tamona“ offers its services in electrical wire and cable processing.


  • cable 2.5 sqv.mm. measuring, cutting, insulation removal from 2-sides, contact;
  • pressing the 1st run. Work carried out by automatic machines;
  • contact pressing is made by semi-automatic machines;
  • cable 10 sqv.mm. measuring, cutting, external insulation removal from 2-sides;
  • cable connection pressing;
  • wiring harness wrap with insulating tape with insulation wrapping machines;
  • wire end coating solder bath;
  • hand-harness assembly.

UAB “Tamona” – R&D team for your project and ideas

 UAB “Tamona” was founded in year 2000 and works in the field of design, development and manufacture of electronic devices.  We design and sell electronic devices for different markets:
Automotive (gas injection computers 1, emulators, sensors, etc.), industry (frequency converters 2 for control of asynchronous motors), B to B (controllers for “Snaigė” refrigerators 3 and universal refrigerating controllers), consumer electronics (wireless switch 4) and etc.tamona1
Company employs are highly skilled engineers, electronics and embedded systems specialists, software programmers and mechanical designers. Some of our employees are Phd and have been participated in scientific projects with Lithuanian industrial companies.

We offer:

– Design of low and high-power electronic equipment and embedded systems.

– Development of Windows programs that works with standard and non-standard electronic devices.

– Design and manufacture of housings and other mechanical parts.

– Product design and quality control.

– Electrical wire and cable processing.


If you choose our company, you will have professional R&D team, flexible cooperation, reliable partners and fast time to market with your product.

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