Wireless package of lighting control DJ-01

The package of lighting control DJ-01 is appointed for the lighting control in the room remotely (radio waves). It consists of receiver and one transmitter (controller). Encoded control signal is transmitted from the transmitter to receiver by the radio waves. The relay is toggled in the receiver after the decoding. For receiver to work it’s necessary to record the transmitter of the remote control to the memory of receiver (register). The amount of transmitters is up to 30pc. The receiver is of small dimensions (48x42x22mm), that allow to install it in the lamp corps or aside. The construction of transmitter is constructed as the light switch, which is powered by separate power battery (CR2032) that is why it’s possible to install it (or several transmitters) in any  esirable place.


  • Complete lighting control package DJ-01 consists of: one dual channel radio waves transmitter (DJ-01 s) and one bistable one channel radio wave receiver (DJ-01 i)
  • It is possible to control the lighting, ventilation of the area and other electronic devices by the DJ-01 package
  • The receiver is usually installed in the lamp corps or aside
  • There are several programmable working modes in this device: switch on/switch off, switch
    on/switch off after set time
  • Three programmable functions: synchronization, power battery control, audio confirmation of that receiver received the signal
  • Great radius of action (up to 150 m)
  • Due to exterior antenna, there is a possibility to install receiver in the shielded hull
  • Optical and audio alarm of working
  • The low usage of power, the possibility of constant work


Wireless switch DJ-01

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