Change-over switch PG-3

PG-3 is versatile change-over switch for use in vehicles with Liquified Petrolem Gas (LPG) whose parameters to be adjusted during installation. The microprocessor of the switch lets the installer or driver set required configuration. The electronic keys protect PG-3 outputs from possible mistakes in connection. Front panel has 5 LEDs (yellow, red and 3 green) and two control buttons. The switch memorizes last settings.

Technical specification

  • Commutation of multivalves control with electronic protection
  • Automatic switching petrol-LPG on pre-set threshold
  • Smooth adjusting threshold of switching petrol-LPG
  • Adjusting delay of petrol cut-off at switching onto LPG
  • Switching petrol-LPG at accelerating or decelerating
  • Two thresholds of the signal level sensitivity
  • Indication of LPG level in the tank (0, 25%, 50%, 75%,100 %)


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