STYX Plus is a brand new 4th generation gas computer for petrol cars. Main advantages are a compact case design, robust and modern electronics solutions, intelligent gas injection algorithm and friendly user interface.

STYX Plus – only benefits!

Device features:

  • Designed for 3-4 cylinder engines
  • Works with LPG and CNG gas types
  • Compact case design
  • Easy installation
  • Powered by a car battery, and has wire after ignition key
  • Increased noise rejection electronics
  • 32-bit processor provides a fast and highly accurate petrol signal processing
  • Modern auto calibration algorithm
  • Individual control of each gas injector
  • Two control models (the gas pulse dependence of the petrol pulse and the gas pulse dependence of the multiplier)
  • Intelligent adding of petrol at extreme conditions
  • A separate wire for engine RPM measurements and the ability to measure RPM from petrol injectors signals
  • The software gas tank level sensor
  • Digital pressure sensor with integrated gas temperature sensor
  • System errors diagnostic and the ability to specify the action if some system error occurs
  • FREEZE FRAME function if error
  • Start & Stop function
  • User-friendly interface


Software for system configuration: AURA

Software works with systems STYX, STYX Plus and STYX Pro.

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NEW Firmware version: 1.16

Feature enhancements:

  • automatic adaptation algorithm on the RPM/bar map;
  • FullGroup and FullGroup in Pairs algorithms;
  • detection of new error events;
  • other improvements.


Firmware version: 1.08

Feature enhancements:

  • fixed virtual RPM calculation algorithm;
  • corrections of force gas discharge algorithm (cut-off);
  • other improvements.


Firmware version: 1.07

Feature enhancements:

  • corrections of force gas discharge algorithm (cut-off);
  • other improvements.

Firmware version: 1.06 

Feature enhancements:

  • improved algorithm for determining rpm;
  • corrections of Start & Stop algorithm;
  • MAP and Pult error detection changes;
  • other improvements.

Firmware version: 1.03

Feature enhancements:

  • delay after reducer on;
  • switch to gas together with petrol;
  • the ability to turn off/on gas leakage check algorithm;
  • improved algorithm for determining rpm;
  • corrections of Start & Stop algorithm.

Firmware version: 1.02

Feature Enhancements:

  • emergency start on gas;
  • Start & Stop algorithm;
  • instant gas tank level indication for installation;
  • other improvements.




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